Tokyo Superflow – Flooring Compound

Item Specification :

  • Recommended for commercial and domestic flooring
  • Attain a stylish and smooth finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Add only water
  • Easy to level
  • Crack free, high strength surface
  • In any colour to suit your requirement
  • Available in 25 Kg packs

Price :
LKR : 2,800.00
Minimum Order Quantity 10
Maximum Order Quantity 100

Item Description :

  • Cement base product
  • High compressive strength and abrasion resistance
  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Better looking finish
  • Apply the surface with liquid cement for higher hardness and durability.
  • Read the mixing and other instructions before use.
  • Coverage – 25 kg bag for 40 sq. ft.   4 mm thickness on leveled floors.

Other Information :

Health & Safety
“Tokyo Superflow Standard Flooring Compound” is non-hazardous, however Tokyo Cement Co. (Lanka) PLC recommends that appropriate safety equipment be worn by workers handling this product, including dust masks, rubber gloves, full eye protection and boots where necessary, in case of contacts with eyes, wash with plenty of water.  If irritation persists, seek immediate medical attention.