Tokyo Superbond – Standard Set

Item Specification :

  • Fix wall tiles & floor tiles - faster and easier
  • Simply add water
  • Stronger bonding than standard cement
  • Provides additional Water proofing
  • No loosening up later
  • Available in 25 Kg packs

Price :
LKR : 1,020.00
Minimum Order Quantity 10
Maximum Order Quantity 100

Item Description :

  • For tiling Ceramic, Porcelain and Clay tiles on newly laid walls and floors.
  • Pre-mixed and packed for convenience in handling, mixing and application.   Only necessary to add water.
  • Resist tile slipping.
  • Fast and efficient tile laying.
  • High bonding strength.
  • Coverage Area    –  25 kg/60 sq.ft. 3 mm thickness (Laboratory tested value.  This may change depending on the surface to tile)


Other Information :

Health & Safety
“Tokyo Superbond (Standard Set)” is non-hazardous, however Tokyo Cement Co. (Lanka) PLC recommends that appropriate safety equipment be worn by workers handling this product, including dust masks, rubber gloves, full eye protection and boots where necessary, in case of contacts with eyes, wash with plenty of water.  If irritation persists, seek immediate medical attention.