Nippon Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Item Specification :

  • The No. 1 choice for concrete which requires high compressive strength
  • Highly recommended for large scale infrastructure projects
  • Applications: Pre-stressed concrete, Railway sleepers, Bridges, Foundations, Cement building blocks, etc…
  • Can be used as general purpose cement & in cement mortars / grouts / plasters for improved results
  • Available in 50 Kg packs & bulk carrier

Price :
LKR : 1,095.00
Minimum Order Quantity 10
Maximum Order Quantity 250

Item Description :

  • Nippon” is the premium brand of cement manufactured by Tokyo Cement Co. (Lanka) PLC. 
  • “Nippon” is the first cement to obtain SLS 107 certification in Sri Lanka.
  • Conforms to requirements given in Sri Lanka standard specification SLS107:2008 strength class 42.5N for Ordinary Portland Cement.
  • Super fine particle of cement results higher compressive strength smooth surfaces and good bonding with steel.
  • Quality is ascertained by advanced testing methods.
  • Compatible with chemical admixtures used in concrete.

Other Information :

Health and Safety Information

Portland cement is a light gray powder. When in contact with moisture in eyes or on skin, or when mixed with water, portland cement becomes highly caustic (pH > 12) and will damage or burn (as severely as third-degree) the eyes or skin. Inhalation may cause irritation to the moist mucous membranes of the nose, throat and upper respiratory system or may cause or may aggravate certain lung diseases or conditions. Use exposure controls or personal protection methods.